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We Buy Homes During Foreclosure in Wichita, Kansas

Are you trying to avoid foreclosure but can’t find a solution? Is the bank getting ready to sell your house at auction? If so, there may be a way out of foreclosure that allows you to sell your house fast without spending thousands of dollars or hurting your credit score. You can sell your house fast before foreclosure happens.

At Blue Sky Properties, we buy homes during foreclosure in Wichita, Kansas. If you are on the verge of losing your home, you can sell your property quickly before the bank repossesses your house. We can buy your house as-is so that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Plus, you don’t have to list your house on the market or hire a real estate agent. 

We Buy Homes Regardless of Your Situation

It doesn’t matter how you got into your current financial hardship. What matters now is that you sell your house to avoid foreclosure. Blue Sky Properties works with homeowners in all types of situations, including

Late Mortgage Payments

Once you get behind on your late mortgage payments, it can be difficult to catch up. Even when the bank tries to work with you or adjust your payments, you may be going through a financial hardship that keeps you from getting your payments current. A cash home sale allows you to get out of your mortgage payments so that you can start over with a new home at a later date.

Distressed House

A distressed house is a property that is in the late stages of foreclosure. The bank is planning to sell the house at auction. Once this happens, you may not have an opportunity to reclaim your house or catch up on your payments. Fortunately, you can still sell your distressed house before the bank sells it. We can pay cash for your house to stop the foreclosure process and assume responsibility for the property.

Short Sale

One of the ways to prevent a foreclosure is to do a short sale. A lot of homeowners see a short sale as a solution. However, if you still owe the bank after you sell the house, it will attempt to recover the remaining debt. When you sell your house for cash directly to a company that buys houses in Kansas, you may be able to get out of your mortgage without carrying over any remaining debt. 

Why a Cash Home Sale Is a Good Solution to Avoid Foreclosure

As the foreclosure process progresses, you start running out of options. It is especially true if you have no way of getting caught up on late mortgage payments or paying off the debt. A cash home sale offers a way out of foreclosure without hurting you financially. There are several advantages to a cash home sale.

  • You make no home repairs or upgrades.
  • You can sell your house for many reasons.
  • You work with a pre-qualified cash home buyer in Kansas.
  • You can close the home sale in as little as seven days.
  • You don’t need to hire a real estate agent.
  • You pay little to no closing costs.

A cash home sale gives you the opportunity to walk away from your mortgage with no strings attached. The house-buying company assesses the property’s resale value and makes an offer on the house. If you accept the offer, the company hires a title company to transfer the house title. The buyer pays you for the house and closes the sale. It’s that simple. 

Once the buyer takes ownership of the house, you have the cash you need to pay the mortgage. In some cases, the buyer may assume the loan and work directly with the bank so that you don’t have to. You have the flexibility you need to sell your house during foreclosure. 

Sell My House Fast Before Foreclosure in Wichita, Kansas

If you are in the middle of a foreclosure and you need a way out with no financial penalties, contact Blue Sky Properties. We buy homes during foreclosure in Wichita, Kansas. Let us assess your property and make a cash offer. You can close the sale of your house in as little as seven to 21 days. Call 316-202-4249 to get a fast cash off.