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    Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If so, you may be wondering how you can get out from underneath your mortgage. There are options for unloading your property, such as listing your house on the market, restructuring your payments, or just letting your house go to foreclosure

    However, a better option is to sell your house for cash to a local house investor. Blue Sky Properties can take over mortgage payments and save you the stress and hassle of trying to keep your house. We can assess your property, make an offer, and pay cash for your house in as little as 7 days. Contact us today and learn how to sell your house for cash in Wichita, Kansas.

    Learn How to Sell Your House for Cash in Three Easy Steps

    Step 1: Contact Us: 316-202-4249

    Call us today and tell us about your property. We'll schedule a quick walkthrough of your house. No need to renovate or prepare your home.

    Step 2: Get A Cash Offer

    If we are interested in buying your property, we'll make a fair, no-obligation cash offer. We make most offers within 24 to 48 hours.

    Step 3: We Pay Cash For Your House

    If you accept our offer, then you schedule a closing date that is convenient for you. We pay all closing costs and put cash in your hands in as little as seven days after closing.

    Can Someone Take Over My Mortgage Payments?

    The answer is, yes! A local house buyer in Wichita, Kansas, can assume the loan so that you can walk away free can clear. How? We buy your house as-is, sign the papers at closing, and put cash in your hands. The best part is that there no strings attached. You simply sign over the house and the loan and let us take it from there.

    You may feel that your current circumstances prevent you from selling your property. If you try to go through a real estate agent and list your house on the market, you may be right. However, there are no circumstances that prevent us from paying cash for your house.

    Whether you are going through a divorce, lost your job, or don't make enough to cover your mortgage, you can sell your house for cash and close in as little as 7 days.

    Behind on Your Payments? Consider Your Options

    Once you get behind on your mortgage payments, it is almost impossible to catch back up. Lenders realize this and provide options for you to settle your late payments. However, few of them work in your favor. What are your options?

    Mortgage Forbearance

    In a mortgage forbearance, you can get your payments reduced for a specified time until your financial situation improves. However, the interest still accrues, and you still owe back the difference at a later time.

    Loan Modification or Refinance

    If you can prove hardship, then the mortgage lender may work with you to refinance or restructure your loan. However, refinancing may not reduce your payment that much. Also, the interest can hurt you on the back end.

    List Your House

    If you are several payments behind and risk losing your house, you may be able to sell it. However, you may spend thousands of dollars in realtor commissions, marketing costs, renovations, and closing costs. Plus, you are not guaranteed when you will sell the house or if you can find a buyer before foreclosure.

    Sell Your House for Cash

    The best option is to sell your house for cash. You can relieve yourself of the hassle of mortgage payments, avoid foreclosure, and avoid selling costs. A local house buyer can assess the property and make a cash offer just below the market value of our property. They can take over mortgage payments so that you can walk away free and clear.

    Sell Your House for Cash in Wichita, Kansas

    If you are getting behind on your mortgage payments and you are considering selling your house, then contact Blue Sky Properties. We can take over mortgage payments and help you sell your house fast. Call 316-202-4249 to schedule a walkthrough with a local house buyer. Sell your house for cash in Wichita, Kansas.