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Sell My House for Cash in Wichita, Kansas

“Where Can I Sell My House for Cash in Kansas?”

Whether you are getting ready to sell your house or it’s been on the market for a while with no prospects, a traditional home sale may not work for you. You may have to sell your house fast due to relocation or financial or legal hardship. If so, a cash sale may be a better option. You can sell your house as-is for cash to a company that buys houses in Wichita, Kansas. 

You sell your house directly to the house-buying company in a cash sale. You don’t hire a real estate agent or pay realtor commissions. The transaction typically takes seven to 21 days, giving you more flexibility to sell your house fast and walk away with no strings attached. It’s a great way to sell your house if you don’t want to bother with home repairs or improvements.

What Is a Cash Home Sale?

A cash home sale is a real estate transaction in which you sell your house as-is for cash to a home buyer or a company that buys houses. Since you are selling your house as-is for cash, hiring a real estate agent, making repairs, or scheduling a home inspection is no longer necessary. Selling your house is easy.

Step 1: Meet the Buyer

The buyer may want to meet with you or have a preliminary phone call to discuss the house. They may ask you some questions. They may want to make an in-home visit. Afterward, they will assess the property to determine if they want to buy it and how much they will offer. 

Step 2: Get a Fast Cash Offer

If the buyer is interested in buying the property, they will make a cash offer. They will buy the house at a discount on the property’s fair market value. A reputable cash home buyer will not try to lowball you. Instead, they will try to create a win-win situation in which they can make a profit, and you can get out of your mortgage quickly. The buyer will typically make an offer within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 3: Get Paid Cash

The final step in a cash home sale is to accept the offer and close the sale. Unlike a traditional home sale, where closing can take nearly two months, you can close a cash sale in as little as a week. Every home buyer has a different process for closing a home sale. They have in common that they want to close the sale quickly, so you don’t have to wait.

How Is a Cash Home Sale Different from a Traditional Home Sale?

There are several ways a cash home sale differs from a traditional one. 

  • The transaction is directly between you and the home buyer - no realtor.
  • You make no repairs or home improvements to the property.
  • You don’t have to schedule a home inspection or appraisal.
  • Closing a cash home sale is faster than a traditional home sale. 
  • You can sell your house for any reason.
  • You work with a single pre-qualified buyer.

In a traditional home sale, you must make repairs, list the house on the market, hire a real estate agent, stage the house, meet with several potential buyers, negotiate with buyers, and close the sale. The process can take as long as six months. If you need to relocate or get out of your mortgage quickly, a traditional home sale may not work for you. 

A cash home sale solves the problem. You can sell your house for cash regardless of your reason - bankruptcy, foreclosure, probate, divorce, downsizing, new job, military relocation, rental house. You have the flexibility to get out of the mortgage if facing a difficult financial situation such as late mortgage payments.

Sell My House for Cash in Wichita!

If you have a property you need to sell quickly, we can help. At Blue Sky Properties, we buy houses as-is in Wichita, Kansas. We can assess your home’s market value, make a fair cash offer, and close the sale fast. Call 316-202-4249 to get a fast cash offer from a company that buys houses in Kansas.