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Learn How to Sell Your Vacant House Fast

If your house has been vacant for several months, but you can't seem to sell it on the market, you may want to consider an alternative to a traditional sale. It doesn't matter why your house is vacant or why people are not interested in buying it. It is possible to sell your house when you work with a local home buyer in Wichita, Kansas.

In most cases, a local home buyer doesn't require you to renovate the house or make any special repairs. A local buyer simply schedules a walkthrough, makes a cash offer and closes in as little as seven days. All you have to do is sign the closing documents and walk away without any strings attached. So, if you are looking for a way to sell your vacant house fast, read below to find out how a local buyer makes it possible.

What Options Do You Have When Your Vacant House Will Not Sell?

If you are trying to sell your vacant house fast but can't seem to find a buyer, you do have some options.

Postpone Selling Your Vacant House

If your home isn't selling, it may not be a good time to sell. If it's a buyer's market, you may want to take your home off the market and wait for available properties to drop. When there are fewer homes for a buyer to choose from, you may be able to sell your house more quickly.

Consider a New Mortgage

If your need to sell your house is based on financial difficulty, it might make sense to take out a home equity loan, providing you can afford to pay a higher monthly payment. Home equity loans can be fixed loans, where the interest rate doesn't fluctuate or lines of credit. Since the interest rates and costs associated with these loans can vary widely, it's advised that you shop around and compare the rates offered by multiple banks.

Rent Your Vacant House

Some home sellers have no choice. For various reasons, from job promotions to family-related matters, a home seller might be forced to relocate to a new area and leave an existing home behind. Even if you can't receive enough rent to cover your mortgage payments, paying a small amount of negative cash flow every month might be easier on your wallet than forking over thousands of dollars for a vacant house.

Consider a Short Sale

If you've purchased your home before a market downturn and the market has since tanked, you may owe more than your home is worth. A real estate agent who specializes in short sales might be able to negotiate with your lender to accept less than your mortgage balance. Before you consider doing a short sale, here are a few things you should know:

Sell Your Vacant House for Cash

Another option you may want to consider is to sell your vacant house for cash to a local home buyer in Wichita, Kansas. A local buyer can do a quick walkthrough of your house, make a fast cash offer, and close the sale in as little as seven days. If you need to unload your vacant property quickly, a cash sale is one of the best options.

How to Sell My Vacant House Fast for Cash

Step 1: Contact Us: 316-202-4249

Call us today and tell us about your property. We will schedule a quick walkthrough of your house. If we like what we see, we will make an offer. There is no need to renovate or prepare your home. We are happy to look at the property as-is.

Step 2: Get a Cash Offer

If we are interested in buying your property, we will make a fair, no-obligation cash offer. We make most offers within 24 to 48 hours. Our local investors can make a fast cash offer at just under the market value of your house.

Step 3: We Pay Cash for Your House

If you accept our offer, then you schedule a closing date that is convenient for you. We pay all closing costs and put cash in your hands in as little as seven days after closing. Selling your vacant house is that easy.

It Does Not Matter Why Your House is Vacant

There are several reasons why a house may sit vacant on the market for several months or years.
  • The current real estate market is in decline.
  • The property is an inherited or probate house.
  • There are structural problems with the property.
  • A landlord is trying to sell a rental property.
  • The previous owner moved out and is sitting on the property.
  • The house is lacking curb appeal.

There may be a feeling that the property is in poor condition or that there is a hidden issue. Regardless of the reason for the vacancy, you may be having a difficult time selling the property, even if there is nothing wrong with the house. Or there may be issues with the house that you are unable to address for legal or financial reasons.

However, even if you cannot sell your house on the market, it does not mean that it is not sellable. Our local house buyers can look at your property and make you a fast cash offer. This can help you overcome the hurdle of unloading the property while avoiding all the effort and cost of a traditional sale. 

We can buy your house regardless of your situation:

Is Selling My Vacant House for Cash the Best Option?

Whether the house has been on the market too long or you need to sell it fast, there are advantages to a cash offer. 

You Can Sell Your Vacant House Fast

You can expect to wait 60 to 90 days in a traditional sale before you finally find a buyer. If the house has been vacant for several months, it may take longer. If you try a For Sale by Owner (FSBO), it can take you up to a year to sell the house. When you work with our local investors, you can close the sale on a vacant house in as little as seven days. Plus, you avoid all the hassles of putting the house on the market.

You Avoid the Cost of Selling the House

You want to try to make a profit on your house. By the time you pay out the costs associated with selling your house, you may lose up to 25 percent of your profits. What can you expect to pay for when you sell your house?
  • Inspections or appraisals
  • Preparing to show the house
  • Remodeling and repairs
  • Realtor commissions
  • Closing costs
All these costs can add up to thousands of dollars that cut your profits in half. When you sell your vacant house fast for cash, you avoid these costs.

You Avoid the Hassle of a Traditional Sale

By now, you have spent a lot of time and effort selling your vacant house with little to no results. When you sell the property to our home buyers, you completely bypass preparing and showing the property over and again – no repairs, no showings, no closing. 

We Buy Houses for Cash in the Following Areas

At Blue Sky Properties, our local home buyers work with property owners throughout the state of Kansas. Many of our sellers come from the following areas:
Andover Derby Goddard
Haysville Hutchinson Maize
Newton Rose Hill Wichita

Sell My House Fast for Cash in Wichita, Kansas

If you are ready to sell your house or commercial property, then now is the time. You do not have to wait for months to finally land a deal. Blue Sky Properties can make a cash offer and put cash in your hands in as little as 30 days. Call 316-202-4249 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house fast for cash in Wichita, Kansas.