Blue Sky Properties of Kansas Buys Houses As-Is, Saving Homeowners the Hassle of Selling the Traditional Route

December 10, 2020 10th, 8:08 PM EST

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Blue Sky Properties Pays Cash for Houses in Wichita, KS, Regardless of Seller Situation. Sellers Can Save Thousands in Closing Costs and Repairs.

Wichita, Kansas, December 10, 2020: Blue Sky Properties is in the business of helping homeowners get out of tight situations where they need to sell their house as quickly as possible and don’t want to list their property on the market. The team of local home buyers can do a quick walkthrough of any property, make an offer in as little as 24 hours, and close on the house in as little as seven days.

Blue Sky Properties investors can expedite the sale of a house by handling most of the paperwork, scheduling a closing date ASAP, paying all closing costs, and bypassing the complicated steps to a traditional sale. Plus, the seller pays no closing costs or realtor commissions. In addition, they buy the house as-is. There is no need to sink thousands of dollars into repairs or a remodeling project when working with them.

“When you consider everything a seller has to do just to prepare a house for a sale – list the house, market the house, find a realtor, get an inspection, make repairs, prepare the house to show, then, show the house, and pay out commissions, fees, closing costs, and repair costs – most home sellers don’t see the ROI after all the time and money spent on the sale,” says Dustin Burke, co-founder of Blue Sky Properties.

No seller is guaranteed that they’ll find a buyer quickly when listing their property. Blue Sky provides a solution to selling the house fast by eliminating all the steps needed to land the sale. The seller works exclusively with Burke and his team to close on the house within a few days. It is a more practical alternative and allows a seller to move to their next phase of life without attachment to the house.”

A seller whose situation may prevent them from selling a house quickly the traditional way can unload the property when working with a home buyer. Blue Sky Properties works with sellers in all types of circumstances such as divorce, relocating, military, new job, probate, downsizing, rental properties, bankruptcy, damaged houses, or as-is house.

“[Blue Sky Properties] went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered, I had all the information I needed, and all the boxes were ticked to ensure there were no surprises and the whole process went smoothly.” Says Alvin Matthews, a homeowner in Wichita. “I’m always happy to be able to use companies run by people like Dustin that share my values and I know will be fair and honest.”

In addition to buying homes, Blue Sky Properties also offers owner financing for buyers who may have difficulty getting a traditional mortgage. Owner financing allows buyers to work directly with the seller to negotiate a real estate transaction. This type of financing structure offers more flexibility with an array of properties to choose from.

A buyer may have enough to get started with a sizable down payment but may not be able to finance the remainder of the asking price. The seller may be willing to finance all or part of the remainder of the price to sell the house. The financing terms are established by both the seller and the buyer without a third-party.

Owner financing can be cheaper than a traditional mortgage, giving more buyers access to home financing, and helps the buyer and the seller close the sale faster.

About Blue Sky Properties of Kansas

Blue Sky Properties of Kansas is a real estate investment company based in Wichita, Kansas. The agency helps property owners sell their house by purchasing property homes quickly for cash. For more information, visit the website